Fashion and Fairytale is a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity, to let your imagination soar and design the outfit or grand ball gown of your dreams. This is an exciting project that merges fashion, fairytale and nature, with the overall emphasis on beauty, wonder and sustainability.
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A thrilling celebration of the imagination, Fashion and Fairytale is a community event, guaranteed to lift everyone's spirit.

In celebration of Bath’s status as a leading historical centre of fashion, and home to the renowned Bath Fashion Museum, which houses iconic attire from the 18th century to modern day - we are excited to announce a community competition and gala exhibition, entitled, ‘Fashion and Fairytale’, to be held in the Assembly Rooms in August 2020. 


Taking inspiration from the recent Fashioned from Nature and 2012 Ballgowns: British Glamour since 1950 exhibitions at the V&A, as well Bath’s heritage of grand balls and assemblies, this exhibition seeks to be a creative catalyst to encourage local primary, secondary schools and colleges to create their own nature and fantasy inspired outfit designs. Winning designs in the four age categories will not only see their outfit created by local craftspeople and displayed at the exhibition, but will be awarded fantastic individual prizes and rewards for their schools/colleges. 

Bath based fashion designer, Cindy Beadman, whose clients included royalty and celebrity, will display a retrospective collection of her work, alongside those of the winning entries. The exhibition will be complemented by one of her ballgowns borrowed from Bath Fashion Museum’s collection, as well as images of her iconic ball gown that caused such a stir during the V&A exhibition. 


Framed by her own life as a game-keeper’s daughter and her subsequent fairytale rise to success as an international fashion designer in the 1970’s, her designs fuse together her deep love of nature and sense of beauty with a whimsical imagination and couture artistry.


In keeping with Cindy’s ethos of working only with natural fibres, we invite submissions that weave together fantasy with sustainability and ethical production. All winning creations will also feature in the memoir of her life in fashion to be produced for the occasion.


Looking to enthuse as many children as possible from the larger community, we encourage entries from all ethnic or social backgrounds, including specialist schools. Cindy hopes that all children can experience the sense of peace and wellbeing that nature gave her.


To help stimulate the imagination and support teachers, we have created curriculum informed resources for each age category; including the story of the magical, ‘Mistress Make-Believe,’ - for Key Stage 1 children - whose gown is available for viewing at the Fashion Museum throughout the project.

The submission deadline is Friday 31st January, 2020.

Winners will be announced in Summer 2020, with the winning designs being displayed in the Octagon Salon of the Assembly Rooms between the 2nd and 6th of August.

For resources and information on how to apply, click here.

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